How Can AAA Help in Case of Locked Car

If are on a trip or just outside your house and by mistake you left the keys in the car and locked the car from outside, and now are worrying about how to get the keys back.

Don’t worry as AAA can help you do that easily, In this blog post, we will explain in great detail and answer all the questions related to vehicle lockout service provided by AAA.

Can AAA Open a Locked Car?

If you have an AAA membership then you can leave the worries to them. Each member gets one lockout per year i.e. they can use the Car lockout service once per year and they will be reimbursed for the expense they had depending upon their membership. You can read about that more in the next Question.

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Is this Service free?

Car Lockout service is not completely free, depending on your membership you might have to pay them and then after that you will be reimbursed by AAA.

So it means If you left your keys in the car and then after AAA sends locksmith to retrieve the keys from car, depending on your membership level, you will be reimbursed for the services locksmith offered you.

  • If you have Basic membership then AAA will reimburse you upto 50$ (for vehicle lockout only)
  • If you have plus membership then AAA will reimburse you for upto 100$ (for vehicle lockout only)
  • and in Premier membership they will reimburse for 150$ (for vehicle and home lockout)

For eg. If locksmith charged 68$ for opening the Car gate and retrieving the keys then depending on your membership level you will be reimbursed as following-:

  • Basic membership : $50/-
  • Plus membership: $68/-
  • Premier membership: 68$/-

Get Car title transferred at AAA

What Do I need to do to Unlock my vehicle

You need to call AAA and keep your AAA membership card and photo identification ready in order to get your Car Unlocked.

Does AAA do it themselves or hire contractors to fix lock

The AAA does not fix the lock themselves, they hire independent locksmith contractors in order to Fix the car lock and hence you are reimbursed of the services rendered to you by the locksmith

What Happens if the person has Lost or Broken the Keys

The person can request the towing to an AAA authorised Service center or an Independent Service center to get a duplicate key.

What is the process of getting reimbursed for locksmith services

After the locksmith have fixed your car lock or whatever he was called for, then within 60 days you need to submit the reimbursement form to AAA with the bill receipt in order to get reimbursed for the services and remember that you will only be reimbursed based on your membership level.

Get reimbursement form here: Download the form

Reimbursement is not provided for:

  • Services paid for under another insurance policy or other program benefit;
  • Charges related to impound or stolen vehicle recovery towing;
  • Charges for vehicle storage.

* For accident-related tows that are not reimbursed through insurance, your signed statement or a statement from your claims adjuster is required.

How long does AAA locksmith reimbursement takes

Reimbursement for locksmith service can take anywhere around 3-5 weeks.

AAA car unlock phone number

In order to request the locksmith service from AAA, you can call on this number Call 800-922-8228

Can AAA Unlock my friends Car

Yes, AAA will unlock your friends car, but you need to be present there with your card and you need to tell the AAA service person that either you were driving the car or you were the passenger, because AAA ties the membership with the person and not the car, so you can use it for any car you like as long as you are the driver or the passenger in that vehicle and you have your membership card with you.

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Can AAA Open my House

Yes, AAA can open your house but only if you have the Premier Membership with you and you will be reimbursed upto 150$ for the locksmith services.

Can you call AAA without a membership

You cannot call AAA without the membership but if your membership has expired you can quickly renew it in order to use it within few days, as there is a 3 days waiting period for new memberships and upgraded members to use the services.

Get a more detailed answer here

Is AAA per car or per person

AAA is per person and not dependent on whichever car you use, you can be the driver or passenger in any vehicle and you can use your membership card to use any service provided by AAA like the tire assistance, fuel, locksmith etc.

Is the service available for all types of vehicles?

The AAA Lockout service is available for all kinds of vehicles.

Can the service assist with unlocking a trunk or other locked compartments in the car?

You need to confirm this with the technician and AAA, as these services are not generally included in the AAA brochure.

Does AAA charge to Unlock my Car

AAA does not have to do anything with the locksmith services, as they hire independent contractors in order to unlock cars but they reimburse the charges made by the locksmith to the user (The reimbursements are made only based on the membership level)

Do I Have to be with my car for AAA to unlock it?

Can family members use my card to unlock their car

The family members can use your card to use the different services offered by AAA, but there are a few conditions in order for them to use it

  1. You must be the primary member in your household and AAA memebership
  2. Other family members must be the associate members and have to be added into the membership details
  3. All the associate members have the same address as the primary member

Add your children and spouse as associate members here: Watch the tutorial here

How to Contact AAA

You can contact the AAA’s roadside assistance by either calling them or through their app or their website. But, you should note that AAA road side assistance depends on county you are in , so you need to visit the correct website.

AAA Member Login
AAA App (Apple Devices)Click Here
AAA App (Android Devices)Click here
AAA Road side Assistance Number:8002224357

You can also Text APP10 to 86792 to receive a link to download the app.*

How to find my local AAA club

Final Words

We hope that we were able to solve all your questions and if you have any other queries, you can either contact us or contact AAA directly

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