Can You Use AAA for Someone Else

Can You Use AAA for Someone else

AAA (American automobile association), one of the biggest organisation in United States providing services to millions of people in various aspects like Insurance, Roadside assistance, DMV Services etc.

Roadside assistance is among the most popular services they provide where they take a small fee annually and help you in case of any car emergency, whether it is a flat tire, out of fuel, battery stopped working or Towing.

Since AAA provides a membership card the question arises Can I use my AAA membership for my friend / relative or spouse?

Well, let’s answer this question first and we will then cover up some FAQ’s as well.

Can You Use AAA for Someone Else

Yes, You can use AAA for anyone you wish but there is a condition for it i.e. You have to be either the passenger or the driver with the person you are calling the service for. So let me explain it a bit more

Your AAA membership is linked to your Identity and not the Identity of your car that means you can use your AAA membership with any car as long as you are the one travelling through it, whether it is in form of a passenger or a driver.

So let’s cover some commonly asked questions also

Do I have to be present there

You cannot use aaa membership for someone else if you are not there, not even for your children or spouse. You need to show you membership card in order to use any AAA service, otherwise without card, AAA has complete right to deny you service.

If you have lost your card, you can get your temporary card here

Can I use AAA membership for Stranger

Yes, You can use membership for a complete stranger but remember that you have to tell them that you were travelling with them, when this happened and you need to show your membership card.

Can I use it without my Card

You cannot aaa membership without your card not even for yourself. You need your card to use any AAA service.

How many times can I use AAA service

You can only use any AAA service to 4 times per year depending upon your membership, so keep this in mind that when you are helping someone then you will have 1 less query to use.

Contact AAA for Roadside assistance

AAA Member Login
AAA App (Apple Devices)Click Here
AAA App (Android Devices)Click here
AAA Road side Assistance Number:8002224357

Final Words

We hope that were able to answer your query , if you have any doubts then you can contact AAA or comment down below for any other doubts

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