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How to find AAA Membership Number Without Card

How to find aaa membership number without card

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AAA membership card is compulsory if you want to use almost any aaa service whether it is roadside assistance or getting a form from aaa local branch.

But, If you have lost your card and cannot find your membership number then keep reading this as we have a few ways you can get your AAA membership number without Card and then you can use to issue a new card or you can use it for whatever service you were trying to use.

How to Find Membership Number without AAA Card

  1. The first way is If you know the phone number associated with your Membership and have other documents to prove your Identity then you can directly call AAA national hotline 1-800-222-8252 and ask them to tell you your membership number.
  2. If you have access to a computer then you can login to the AAA membership portal and there you can see your membership number and also you will be able to get a temporary card by printing it by going into Digital Membership Card(s) and all that is free of charge.
  3. If you have an android or iPhone then you can download AAA mobile app and login the app to find your AAA membership number and also it as a card replacement Download the Auto Club App
  4. The last resort is visitg the local Branch and asking them to issue a replacement card – check out brnach locations from here branch locations 

Can I use AAA without my Card

No, you cannot use your aaa membership without your card. Even if you have your car you cannot have membership benefits without yuor card because the membership is tied to the person and not the vehicle they are driving.

Are you moving to another state? Transfer your membership too

Will I get my Card Replacement on the Spot

No, Once you order a replacement card though AAA then you will have to wait 7-10 days to receive the card within your mail

Final Words

I hope we were able to solve your problem and you were able to find your aaa membership number without using your card.

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