How can AAA Help in case of Damaged Battery

Battery-related malfunctions continue to be the leading cause of the failure of an automobile. When traveling short distances, using a lot of additional power puts a stop to periodic fully saturated charge which is crucial for a lead acid battery’s longevity. The battery is still a weak point in 1.95 million vehicles that are six years old or fewer.

Either you are stuck in the middle of a Strange Road with no help from anywhere or you are at your home, either way you can get stuck due to battery issues of your car, but luckily if you have AAA membership then you can either get your Car toed to a safe place, get your battery checked or get a completly new battery.

Below we have compiled some of the most common questions, people have about AAA Roadside Assistance with Batteries.

Can AAA replace my Battery

Yes, they can replace your battery (*at cost to the customer). For stranded members, AAA has been sending out mobile equipment to test and install new truck and automobile batteries for 20 years. The AAA Car Battery Replacement Service (available in most locations) sends a qualified auto technician to your location to perform a free diagnostic test on your car’s battery, starting and charging systems, and other components for optimum convenience. If required, and with your consent, the technician can immediately install a new, premium AAA-branded battery.

Replacement services provided by AAA

  1. a report describing the results of an electrical system and battery diagnostic test (printed or emailed)
  2. On the majority of cars, delivery and battery installation at your location (home, workplace, or side of the road).
  3. AAA battery with a top brand that is reasonably priced.
  4. A 72-month limited warranty with a free battery replacement term for cars of three years
  5. All changed batteries are disposed of and recycled properly.
  6. Fresh batteries are carried in AAA auto battery service vans (less than 150 days after factory activation).

Can AAA test my Battery

Yes, If you are an AAA Member then you can contact AAA roadside assistance and they will test your battery and other chargining systems potentially responsible for battery not working.

This service is completely free to AAA Members up-to 4 times a year.

Do I get a free Battery with AAA

No, You will not get a Free Battery, If for any reason your battery is not working and AAA technician states it as dead, then they will offer you a battery at a discounted price (Since you are an AAA member) usually between 70-120$ and the battery they provide comes with a 6 year warranty and 3 Year of Free Replacement warranty.

I.e. If for any reason the battery installed by AAA fails within 3 years, the AAA will Install a completely new battery at either no extra cost or a minimal fees depending upon how long you have the battery with you.

An AAA technician will arrive at your location and check if you need a new battery, you can either choose to purchase one then and there or to be towed home and purchase the battery of your choice and install. it

Benefits of choosing AAA batteries:

  1. Include 6-year warranty
  2. Members can have a discount of $25
  3. AAA will recycle the battery 
  4. On purchase of battery, this will not be considered as one of the service calls allowed each year.

How long does AAA Battery last

Depending upon the location and the usage of your battery, your battery can last anywhere between 3-5 years. The majority of automobiles utilize standard flooded lead-acid batteries, but a rising number of more recent models with high electrical needs require an improved flooded battery or absorbent glass mat design. The functionality of the electrical system and battery life might be negatively impacted by installing the incorrect type of battery.

The original equipment manufacturer (OEM) battery standards for your vehicle must be met or exceeded for the battery you purchase from AAA. This will guarantee a good fit and top-notch performance.

Can AAA charge my Battery

No, AAA will not completely charge your battery, but they can jump start the battery and charge the battery enough to get you out of any situation, and so that you can reach a residential area or your local mechanic. The technician has tools to replace and jumpstart your battery but they cannot charge your battery the best option is to visit AAA service stations for complete charging of the battery.

Can AAA change my Battery

Yes, AAA Can Change your battery, if You are an AAA member and you r battery is completely damaged and unrecoverable then AAA will Install a new AAA certified battery in your car at a discounted price and it has a 6 year warranty and 3 year replacement warranty. When you call for roadside assistance and after inspection, your technician will suggest you get a new battery if your battery is dead, if you want to replace the battery the technician will immediately install the brand new battery they have. The pricing for the batteries varies accordingly to the vehicle. 

Is AAA Battery service free

Yes, AAA Battery Services like Jump Starting, Testing are completely Free as long as you are an AAA member and you have not used all the 4 calls in one year. If you do not have a membership you can ask for assistance but they will charge you accordingly if you have used your 4 calls charges will be applied to the next service. 

Although Battery replacement is not free, but they do offer a discounted price to AAA members i.e. up-to 25$

Can I replace my friends battery with my AAA membership

Yes, You can replace your friends battery with your AAA memebrship but there are a few thing you have to keep in mind:

  1. You must be present there with your AAA membership Card
  2. You will have to pay for the battery replacement but the testing and jump starting battery is completely free

Along with your friends, you can also use your membership to replace the batteries of your family members but service like delivery and installation is free for up to 4 times a year after such you would have to pay for these services

Does AAA Replace Batteries on site

Yes, AAA replace batteries on site, they usually have common batteries of different car models in their truck and they can replace the battery (At cost to customer) on the spot within minutes. Replaced batteries are not covered by AAA roadside assistance. The option to purchase an AAA-branded battery from a service technician is available to AAA members. But AAA will cover the delivery and replacement of the battery at the scene of the breakdown, which can save time

Can AAA jump start my battery

Yes, AAA can Jump start your battery and the service is absolutely free. If your automobile battery is entirely dead and unable to be jump-started, AAA Mobile Battery Service is beneficial. In this situation, you can save time and money by calling AAA to send a technician to the scene to check your battery and electrical system. if necessary purchase a brand-new AAA battery that is compatible with your car.

How much warranty is there of the Battery

You get total 6 years of warranty with the battery out of which 3 years are replacement warranty, i.e. AAA will replace your battery after testing it by either charging you a minimal amount or completely free (*depending upon the time you have used the battery for). The warranty offers a prorated battery purchase for the remaining three years.

Transferable warranties: The warranty provided by AAA is transferable to another AAA member along with the transfer of ownership of the vehicle but If the battery is relocated to another vehicle or the ownership of the vehicle is transferred to a party who is not a AAA Member, the battery warranty will not be transferred

Does AAA replace battery cables

After the inspection of your automobile if the service technician finds the problem with any battery-related problem they will replace it. As long as the cables are necessary for starting the battery and hence the car, they will replace the battery cables, but if they are not needed to start the vehicle they wil not replace it

How much is the aaa new battery

AAA’s Mobile Car Battery Service bypasses the parts store and garage when it’s time for a new battery. Members can contact AAA for battery issues and a service technician will come to test. If possible, we will replace it on the spot. AAA mobile car battery service is one of the best on-the-go deals. Our AAA car batteries are competitively priced (the average price is around $139) and each comes with a 3-year replacement warranty.

You can check the battery price using this calculator provided by AAA:

How to Contact the AAA for Battery Assistance

You can contact the AAA’s roadside assistance by either calling them or through their app or their website. But, you should note that AAA road side assistance depends on county you are in , so you need to visit the correct website.AAA is known for the roadside assistance they provide to their members. Help is available 24/7.

Calling for help

1. Call the helpline 1-800-AAA-HELP, and wait for an operator to pick up

2. Provide your AAA membership number to the operator, if you don’t have your card let them know. They can look up your membership details some other way

3. Report your current location and the trouble you are facing

4. Give detailed information like license plate number or the type of car for easy identification

5. Wait in the car till the technician gets there.

Getting help from the App

1. Open the AAA Mobile app

2. Request roadside assistance and share your location

3. Watch in real time the location of the technician

4. You can also cancel if you have a change in mind

Request help from the website

1. Visit and input your zip code

2. Login with your AAA membership details

3. Submit a formal request asking for roadside assistance, select the option and provide your current location  

AAA Member Login

AAA App (Apple Devices) Click Here

AAA App (Android Devices) Click here

AAA Road side Assistance Number: 8002224357

You can also Text APP10 to 86792 to receive a link to download the app.*

In Short

Above we have compiled some of the most common questions people have about AAA battery roadside assistance. AAA has been dispatching mobile equipment for testing and installing batteries in new trucks and cars for over 20 years, AAA Car Battery Replacement Service (available in most locations) dispatches a qualified automotive technician to perform a free diagnostic test of your vehicle’s battery, starting and charging system, and other components to optimize your convenience become If required, and with customer approval, the technicians can immediately install a new premium AAA branded battery at a discounted price and offers a 6-year warranty and a 3-year replacement warranty. AAA battery services such as jumpstart and tests are free 4 times a year    

I hope we were able to solve all your questions, if you have any other questions, then you can comment down below or call AAA directly.

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