How can I transfer AAA membership to another state?

Are you a member of the renowned AAA services and have plans of shifting to another state? Be rest assured as this article confronts your doubts and confusions regarding whether your membership will remain functional in case you move have to another state be it, for professional or personal reasons. 

AAA has created quite a name for itself due to its impeccable services in roadside assistance, automotive insurance, emergency repairs and other services restricted to automobiles, functioning all over the United States of America and Canada. Hence, it is possible to transfer your membership if it remains active with the original home-state issuer until the existing expiration date. 

What is the procedure of transferring AAA membership to another state? 

Since both the individual regions and states have control over the AAA memberships, your membership will be with a specific local branch. When you leave that region, you can definitely transfer your membership. However, it will stay active with the original home-state issuer until the current expiration date.

Thus, if you’re moving out of that specified region you can choose to do either of the following:

  • Call on the designated phone number of AAA at 1-866-MEMBERS (1-866-636-2377).
  • Visit your local AAA store to transfer your membership before it expires. 

Anywhere in the United States or Canada, your current AAA membership will remain valid until it expires.

Would there be an extension of the AAA privileges in case of a transfer? 

AAA is a national organisation with regional chapters hence, your original joining date, any special discounts and services due to longevity transfer along with you. But, if you move before the expiration of your present membership, it will officially not get transferred to the new chapter until the end of the paid tenure. However, all benefits are applicable to you while waiting for a transfer. 

After having moved to a new place of residency, contact the local AAA branch and request a “courtesy transfer.” The new state club allows you to receive the local membership publication with access to regional discounts and specials. While awaiting a full fledged membership in the new state club, some states offer a special internet member number to access deals online. 

What are the AAA membership levels? 

The membership fee which differs from state to state, is either paid annually or monthly. The three levels of AAA membership are:

  • AAA Basic membership (Classic)
  • AAA Plus membership 
  • AAA Premier membership 

How to update your address at AAA?

You can update your address online by visiting the AAA website. Proceed to follow these steps: 

Please note that you must have a primary AAA account in order to update your address online. 

  • Click on the membership tab and choose My Account. 
  • Scroll down to find the Personal Information tab and click on Edit.
  • Fill up the necessary information and click on Update.
  • Click AAA membership on the top navigation bar. 

Will your AAA membership cover you anywhere in the United States? 

If you are a member of AAA, you are eligible to receive assistance or service anywhere in the United States or Canada. If somehow you are unable to avail the services of AAA from a particular area, you can get in touch with another service provider and apply for Roadside Assistance Reimbursement from AAA. 

Will AAA tow a car to another state? 

Since, we are discussing the services a AAA member can avail being in another state, it is important to address emergency situations where your car might face a hassle and would require to be towed immediately. AAA takes care of such a situation by towing the car without any charge to the destination point of your choice upto five miles from the point of breakdown for Classic members. For Plus members the car can be towed till 100 miles. In short, AAA will tow your car to another state. 

Does AAA offer moving discounts? 

AAA members can save up to 64 percent on interstate moving costs with the aid of a personal moving consultant. The company helps customers obtain, compare and negotiate moving quotes from various owners. They also offer auto transportation, shipment coordination and personal assistance with other nuances of moving. 

Will AAA cover your car if someone else is driving it? 

Having a AAA membership indicates that it will cover the individual regardless of the vehicle they are driving or if they are only a passenger. As long as you are carrying your AAA membership card along with a valid photo ID, you will be covered if it is deemed that you require the services. 

You do not necessarily have to be driving when you apply for the request but it is crucial for you to be there in person as this is a requirement in order to receive coverage services.

 If you are unable to turn up in person, then the operator will be fully charged for the services. AAA membership holders can also request to add their family members to the current policy at a reasonable and reduced rate to avoid these issues. This will ensure that your family members who operate the same vehicle as you receive the same coverage under your AAA membership. 

Can you use your AAA membership to tow your friend’s car? 

AAA memberships are typically non-transferable but if you are a passenger in your friend’s car and they are in dire need of emergency assistance, you may still request services as these services are tied to you and not a particular vehicle.

 To sum it up, you can request for services regardless of the vehicle if you are a member of AAA. However, these services are likely to be denied in case the vehicle has oversized accessories like tires and wheels. So, it is recommended that you disclose all obligatory information about your vehicle to your respective representative before having AAA send assistance. 

Please note that it is a prerequisite to carry your AAA membership card and a valid photo ID with you at the time of the tow truck’s arrival. It guarantees a smooth transaction. 

Can you avail AAA services with a card? 

It is essential to be carrying your AAA member card with a valid photo ID at the time of receiving roadside assistance services. Otherwise, you will be asked to pay the full commercial rates of the services used. This policy is implemented in order to protect AAA members from fraudulent activities in case their AAA membership card gets stolen. 

AAA has also developed a smartphone app for both iOS and Android users. In this app, there is a section which can scan your membership card and utilize it as an alternative to your physical membership card. A physical membership card will not be required if you have an accessible application. (be sure to download and upload your membership card immediately)

You should always have access to your virtual membership card as it is more convenient and widely accepted along with your photo ID while receiving services. 

Does a AAA member have to be present during services? 

When the vehicle is being serviced, an active AAA member along with their member card and valid photo ID should be present at the location. Or else, the service will be paid in full at your expense without the possibility of a reimbursement. 

However, AAA allows you to submit the original receipt for reimbursement in case the AAA member card or the photo ID is not with you at the time. If somebody else paid the service bill, you will not be eligible for reimbursement, the charges must be paid for under your name. Please note that AAA has a sixty-day deadline for the acceptance of reimbursement bills. 

These policies are flexible under specific emergencies. AAA is presently working on the circumstances where a AAA member is not present in case of the rendering of services. 

How to downgrade a AAA membership? 

If you want to make changes to your AAA membership, you can either do it online by visiting their website or by calling AAA member services. 

Follow these steps to downgrade your membership: 

  • Log in to your account
  • Go to your account’s dashboard
  • Click on the downgrade link

Will you get a refund if you cancel a AAA membership? 

AAA members can receive a refund if they unsubscribe from the service within 30 days following the renewal or the joining date. AAA will eliminate all discounts from the refund and keep the entrance fees. 

How often do you have to renew your AAA membership? 

Membership renewal is valid for one year. The day, month and year of the expiration of your membership appears on your membership card. Membership can be renewed annually upon the payment of applicable annual membership dues. 

How to cancel AAA membership? 

If you are unhappy with their services, cancellations are possible anytime and there is no cancellation fee charged. Your AAA membership can be cancelled by going to their website and clicking “Cancel” on the My Account dashboard or by calling AAA at 1-800-836-2582. 

Final words: 

In case, your queries have not been adequately answered then, you can get more information by calling AAA or using the official app or visiting the official website. You can text APP10 to 86792 to get a link to download their app. 

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