How to add someone to AAA Insurance

AAA stands for American Automobile Association which helps people across United States and Canada with Roadside Assistance. They have thousands of centres all across the country.

They help with Towing assistance, Tire Assistance, and a lot more services.

Whats the cost to add family to your Membership

Add your family member to your membership for $44.99 a year, depending on which plan and which state you live in.

For a limited time adding additional members is 50% off.

New Members

Memberships start at $64.99 a year.
Save $10 when you enroll in Automatic Renewal and for a limited time, add additional Members for 50% off.*

Current Members

Already on Automatic Renewal?
Add additional Members for 50% off.*

  • AAA Classic pricing $44.99
  • AAA plus Pricing $64.99
  • AAA premier pricing $84.99

You can call at this number: 800-922-8228.

Check more about the pricing here: AAA Membership

How to add Someone to your Membership

To add Members online, sign in to your account and click “Add Someone to Your Membership” under “Account Actions.” From there, just fill in the names, emails, and birth dates of your additional Members and click “Add This Member.” That’s it—you’re done!

You can also visit your AAA local branch, and ask them that you want to add someone.

Associate Members must reside in the same household as the Primary Member. College students can be Associates as long as their primary residence is the same as the Primary Member’s.

How long do we have to wait to use the membership

You will have to wait 48 hours to use the services of AAA when you add a new member.

Can I add a non-family member that doesn’t live with me to my AAA Insurance plan?

You cannot not add a Non – family member, though you can add a family member who does not live with you anymore, as long as their address is same as your address.

How Can I Add my Driver to the policy

To add a driver to your car policy, first sign in to your My AA Insurance account.

Choose the policy you want to update from your policy list, then select Update your policy from the top left menu. Under Your car you’ll see Listed drivers. You’ll need to be able to provide their full name, date of birth and answer questions about their driving history.

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