How to Cancel AAA Membership

How to Cancel AAA Membership

AAA or American Automobile Association was founded in 1902 and currently has over 60 million members in the United States and Canada. The privately held not-for-profit organisation offers services in roadside assistance, emergency repairs, and even automotive insurance, among others. This organisation has a name for its country-wide applicable automobile service and membership.

With its inception in the early 20th century, it has grown its networking on a level of multiplication rather than addition. But any service, howsoever good it be, cannot have a track record of 100% genuinely satisfied consumer or users. And with this logic, the same applies to AAA.

And being said this, many people seek out a withdrawal from the membership of AAA. The reason could be almost any, and many. So for those, who have not had much of a happy experience with American Automobile Association, this post might help you in knowing the process of officially cutting ties with AAA, which in short means, ‘How to cancel AAA membership?’.

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How to Cancel AAA membership?

Not everyone is ought to be satisfied with AAA, and if you think that an AAA membership is not worth your money, you can cancel anytime by contacting them over the phone or request a cancellation online.

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How to Cancel your AAA membership over the phone?

So how to get in touch with the AAA team via a phone call, in order to initiate with your membership cancellation plans?

The pointers below are written for the same purpose, so have a look at them.

  • There are two numbers facilitated by the AAA team for such enquiries, which include membership related enquiries and assistance. You can call either 1-800-222-4357 or 1-866-968-7222 to reach the AAA customer support team. The availability of two numbers helps in attending a larger number of callers at the same time, hence feel free to call at any one of the numbers, either 1-800-222-4357, or 1-866-968-7222.
  • Once the call connects, an IVR could attend you at first. You might need to choose the appropriate option to proceed further for your cancellation plans. Whichever option is ought to give you the access to ‘Member Services’, choose that, and proceed further.
  • Once you get through the previous step, you have to look for the option which tends to take you to the ‘Membership questions’. Once you hear it, select the due option by clicking on the right button, and look out for the operator to connect with you on call.
  • Now when you are telephonically connected with the operator for a direct conversation, share your membership details along with your query of membership cancellation. The operator might confirm your consent to cancel, if so happens, then re-affirm your desire of cancellation and ask the operator to cancel your membership. And to do so, make sure you have all your account information with you at that time.

How to Cancel your AAA membership Online?

The world is digital today, and there is probably no explanation for you to not be present in the digital ecosystem, if you are an urban millennial. Just like the whole globe being online today, AAA has made access to it possible, in online modes as well. To cater this digital demand, the organisation operates plethora of websites, and has a mobile application as well.

Being available on several different addresses in digital world, it may make the accessibility to the organisation more probable.

Without wasting any more time in reading this trivial text anymore, let’s focus on the following pointers.

  • Before thinking to go online, first think of the place where you live, and the place, of which you hold your membership. There are numerous branches of AAA throughout the national and international regions. So it’s important to be familiar with the name of the place, where you got your membership in, is it Nebraska, Ohio or something else. Once you are clear with that fact, search the AAA website of your region on web, once you find it, then visit your regional website and log into your account.
  • Now once you have logged in and entered in your AAA profile page, you will need to look for the option of “My Account” and click or hover on it. Once you have clicked or hovered on the ‘My Account’ option, look for the text ‘Cancel’, and click on it to proceed with your cancellation plans.
  • Now comes the dull part. You will need to be backed up with all the necessary information, which the page will ask you to fill. Keep your membership card handy, and if necessary, then some other paper or information too. Now, fill out the “Cancel entire membership” form and send it. Cancellation request hence sent.

Can I Get refund after AAA membership cancellation?

Refunds might not be too direct like the annual membership plans. AAA duly calculates your refund as per the time you have been cancelling the membership, which could mean, that the lesser time you have in your expiry, the lesser refund you might get. And being aware of one fact is necessary, which is that AAA excludes any new member admission fees, service costs and discounts. However in most cases, the AAA body will issue a refund in your original form of payment.

 The federal nature of AAA branches comes with its own pros and cons. Just like some branches offer few or additional services at none or nominal cost, at the same time other regions are known to be charging more than other regions.

At general times, you are entitled to a refund if you unsubscribe within 30 days starting from renewal or joining date. However, membership regulations might vary slightly in different regions and hence, it is best to contact your local AAA chapter to know your rights.

This federal design comes with its pros and cons in member services cancellation as well.

How to apply for a AAA membership refund?

Now you know that you may or may not get your full refund, see how you could apply for the same. Most regional AAA clubs accept refund requests at the time of cancellation. You can either request a refund over phone by talking to their customer service representatives or visit your nearest AAA office and request in person.

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Request refund over Phone

  • As mentioned in this post earlier, first recognise your region from where you had got your membership. Is it Nebraska, Ohio, or something else? Once you have figured out the same, then visit your regional AAA website and go to the “Contact us” page. This page would help you getting the contact details of the due personnel you could get in touch with, in order to fulfill your query.
  • Once you get the right details with you, grab on to your membership details, and the contact details you have acquired, once done with both the procedures, dial down the number and call the AAA, with which you need to talk to.
  • Once the call gets picked and the right person attends you, provide the necessary information, including your contact details and membership number to the representative. Now all that remains, is the appeal to initiate a refund.

Be cool, and place the request of fund to the representative you are talking to. If the personnel asks for any additional ‘relevant’ information, give the info as needed.

And once done, you are free to put down the call with a ‘Thank You’.

Request Refund in Person

As said earlier, physically visiting the AAA office won’t be a bad idea as well. You can visit your local AAA office and request a AAA membership refund in person. If you are not sure about the location, visit the AAA office locator page and find the nearest office.

Once you enter your Zip code, you will be shown the AAA offices near you on the map. Find the office closest to you and you collect the address, working hours, and phone numbers. 

So this was a dragged down textual dealing over the enquiry ‘How to cancel AAA membership?’. If it was of any help to you, then it is probably good for you, and if not, then please try calling on any of these numbers for better help- 1-800-222-4357 or 1-866-968-7222.

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