How to Change address in AAA Insurance

AAA stands for American automobile association, and helps people all over United States and Canada with their Roadside assistance services.

For changing address in AAA Insurance, you just need to change it in your AAA account and it will change the address in your AAA Insurance or you can call the customer helpdesk at AAA as well.

Below are the methods you can use to change your AAA Insurance address.

Online via your AAA account

You can easily change your address with the AAA online by following the steps below:

  1. Sign-in to your AAA Account.
  2. Click on “Edit Account Details” (you will find it on the right side of your account home page.)
  3. Select “Edit” and change your address.
  4. Save changes

Using the AAA mobile app.

To change your address with the AAA on the mobile app, go to “Settings” and replace your address with the new one.

AAA Mobile is a free App that you can download on your smartphone. The App allows you, among other things, to access your AAA membership card and AAA proof of insurance electronically. It is probably the easiest way to change your address with the American Automobile Association.

In person by visiting your local AAA office.

You can also notify the AAA of your change of address in person. Find an AAA branch office near you with the AAA Office Locator by entering your location. 

Before visiting a branch office, we recommend you to call to make sure the location is open.

By Phone

There are 2 options available to change your address with the AAA by phone. 

Option #1: Call the National AAA: Simply call the National AAA at 800-222-4357. Their Customer Service will take note of the information you provide to update your address with the right AAA location.  

Option #2: Call the AAA club you’re registered with: Simply enter your Zip Code  on the AAA website. You will be redirected to the website of your local AAA Club. Once you’re on the website,  select “Contact Us” to find their phone number.

Final Words

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