How to Get New AAA Card

How to Get a new AAA card?

If you are reading this, then some things are sure. You are a member of American Automobile Association (AAA), you have somehow misplaced or lost your AAA membership card, or your membership tenure has come to an expiry.

Get AAA membership number of a lost card

This event could turn out to be very frustrating when you discover about the card being lost after a car breakdown in the middle of a highway. Anyone would be irritated to learn that even after paying for a membership fee to AAA, they can’t use their service for the very time they hoped and planned it to use for.

We hope you never get into such a situation, and if you get into, you at least have your AAA membership card at the rescue. As you didn’t pay the membership fee to pay an additional amount to some other mechanic, towing provider or probably an insurance agent. Yes, insurance too. AAA provides all sorts of automobile-oriented services, even a car insurance for your four-wheels.

Let’s see, that if you have any case of lost, expired or damaged card, then what options do you have, and in what ways you could apply for them.

Can I Use someone else’s membership

Find the text below, and if it helps, then it would be good for you.

Now, what could you do in the event of losing your card, to re-avail the services.

Simplest and the only alternative is, to get in touch with the Team of AAA and communicate with them about the mishap which has happened to you. There are a couple of ways, over how you could reach to them in the need of help related to lost membership card.

  • You could reach out to them via phone on 18002228252. You are also free to use the contact number of your local AAA branch, for eg- AAA Hoosier’s contact number is 8444622246.

Convey them the issue of your lost card and they will help you out with the procedure and formalities of availing a new card.

  • You could also take help of the internet to get a temporary membership card printed from AAA’s website. Find out the local website of the AAA branch you are associated with, and login over there. After logging in, you might be able to look at your membership details, and an option to download a temporary card too.

To give you an idea, let’s take an example of the Minneapolis AAA website, which is . Here, when you login using your details, you will see a photo of your membership card, below which you might find a link to download a temporary card.

Try to go online or telephonic, whichever may be convenient to you. And if somehow, the online mode doesn’t work out for you, then the option to reach out AAA via telephones is open, either with 18002228252, or your local branch’s number.

And do keep the day in mind, as telephonic service for membership cards related issues is not available 24×7 in probably every city.

For eg- Minneapolis AAA has telephonic service for this problem, only from Monday to Friday. This availability might change with a different area, so catch the right contact info with your branch’s web portal.

Can I still use AAA if I lost my card?

We don’t have a positive answer to this question, because a person cannot avail for AAA services without holding a AAA membership card. In case of asking for any help from AAA, all they check is two things, your AAA membership card, and your Photo ID. So, using services of AAA without the possession of its card, is simply ruled out of the possibilities.

Can I use an expired AAA card?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is NO.

But, let’s see what you could do next after finding your card being expired.

There are two straight options, first, if you have not been happy enough with AAA or don’t find their membership fruitful enough, then you may opt out from the option of renewal.

Secondly, if you have been satisfied with AAA service and find their membership to be worth it for you, you may proceed for the renewal.

And if your case resembles the second option, let’s see that how you could do it.

First and foremost, get in touch with your branch. Do this by whatever means you can- phone, email or physical visit. For different regions in US, there are different dedicated phone numbers. Like, AAA Southern region is available on hotline 8002221134 for assisting members with their renewal queries.

Also, this hotline may not be required for those people, who are on the feature of Automatic Renewal. 

AAA membership comes with a validity of 3 years, with the annual fee being deducted for all three years separately each year. If your annual fee has been duly paid, then your membership could be proceeded towards auto renewal, which could save your trouble. Contact your nearest AAA branch for more details over this feature. 

If I upgrade Membership, Will I get a new card?

Getting upgraded could come from a need or positive experience you have had with AAA. As a small reference, AAA offers three membership plans- Classic, Plus and Premier. As of June 2021, they cost from 68 dollars to 131 dollars per year.

With all the different level benefits available in each of them, the cards also vary with the membership plans. The Classic card comes with a plane white colour with red and blue inputs, at the same time the Plus membership card comes in a golden colour, with black looking text ink. At the last comes the Premier card, which is given a silvery grey colour with black ink for text.

Where the only major difference b/w all the three membership plans is the scale of services rather than diversity, apart from the RV cover, which is not available for the Classic membership card holders.

Which answers that, you will get a new card post upgrading your membership, and degrading too, if you wish to do so.

In the meanwhile, you can have a look at different membership plans and card designs on this web page

If you found the higher-level cards to be swankier looking, then you may go for them. But paying just on the basis of card appeal might not be good for your pockets. Hence, choose upgradation if you ‘really’ need it, and ‘only enough’ of what you need.

Will I get a New AAA Card each year?

Your AAA membership is ought to renew every year. You could do it by the means of auto-renewal, or probably by physically getting in touch with the AAA team.

Just like the AAA membership gets renewed each year, you are also entitled to get a new card with each of your annual renewal.

It is actually pretty convenient for a satisfied AAA member to get its membership for auto renewal. All that happens is a debit from you card or bank account, and you are ready for using aaa services for next year

To make it an easy process for you, AAA reminds you way before your membership is destined to reach its expiry.

Getting a new card for each year might sound hassling for some, but some might also find it convenient due to a glimpse of freshness each year in the form of their AAA membership card.

And after getting a new card, one should check that is the card membership of the same plan opted by you? Are all the details correct which are inscribed on the card? And was the debit which happened in your account same as mentioned in the plan? Checking such details could save you from many troubles and could ensure a better experience of yours with American Automobile Association.

What is Grace period for AAA?

Grace period is the extended timeline you get after the expiry date of your membership to renew without any delay charges or trouble.

The usual grace period available for membership renewal is 60 days. If any member tries to avail any roadside assistance on the same day as renewal after the grace period is over, then the member would be liable to pay additional and non-refundable service fee. 

So if you wish to continue to avail AAA services, then you should not go beyond the expiry date or grace period for the renewal.

Can I renew card and use it on same day?

Of course. But if you have renewed the card after the Grace Period, then for the roadside assistance you’d be liable to pay non-refundable service charges. So it is recommended to pay your membership renewal fee on time, if you are seeking AAA services for more time since due date.

Were these inputs helpful for your learning about various aspects of AAA membership and cards? The team hopes so.

We hope you to keep your license always with you, and never forget to put on your seat belts while being in the car.

Have a safe driving!

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