How to get CAA Membership

How to get CAA Membership (Really Detailed Guide)

Imagine you are driving to work or a distant supermarket, and your car suddenly runs out of battery! What would you do in such a situation?  Simply call the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) for a quick emergency road service!

Over six million Canadians are members of CAA, a non-profit organization that provides roadside assistance, auto touring, leisure travel services, good insurance services, travel and automotive solutions, and member incentive discount programs.

As per the 2021 Gustavson Brand Trust Index (GBTI), it was named the most trustworthy organization in Canada for the second consecutive year. Moreover, consistently for six years, the organization has ranked as one of Canada’s top two most trustworthy brands.

So, if you have a flat tire, are running out of gas, need a tow, etc., you can easily get help from the 24/7 assistance provided by CAA.

Don’t worry if you are from United States, You can get the help of AAA as well

Don’t have a membership? Follow this guide below.

So, how to get a CAA membership in the first place? 

You can easily get a CAA membership via the CAA app on the CAA official website. Here are the basic steps: 

  1. Download the CAA app on Play Store or App Store or Go to CAA’s official website
  1. Go to the Services option and click on the ‘Membership’. (Here’s the direct link for the website version:
  1. Select your region: Alberta, Atlantic, British Columbia, Ontario, Manitoba, Québec, Saskatchewan, or other Territories (provide postal code).
  1. Click on the ‘Join CAA today’ option on the website.
  1. Choose your membership plan: Basic/Classic Plan ($72/year), Plus Plan ($116/year), and Premier Plan ($146/year) 
  1. You will have to add a family member (optional), personal details, and make the required payment. 
  1. Once you are done, you will become a CAA member! 

Is the membership really necessary to receive the CAA services?

To receive 24/7 roadside assistance and all the excellent benefits that come with Membership, you must be a CAA Member. A CAA membership also secures the member, not just their automobile. This implies that even if you are merely a passenger, you are covered. 

Therefore, to get Emergency Road Service (ERS) or other perks, the friends, family members, and relatives of a CAA Member must possess a current Membership of their own or be included as an Associate Member of the already existing member. 

Read more about it here

How can I set up an account with CAA?

To create a new CAA account, a CAA member must follow these steps: 

  • Membership ID: Type in a legitimate 16-digit membership number. 
  • Postal Code: Type in the postal code associated with your CAA account. 
  • Email Address: Type in the email address which you would like to receive all notifications. 
  • Re-Enter your email address: Enter the same email address as before for verification. 
  • Provide a password. 
  • Verify the password.

Would I have coverage in the US with my CAA membership? 

Yes, definitely! In both Canada and the US, roadside assistance is covered by your CAA membership.

What benefits does CAA membership offer? 

Your CAA membership includes roadside assistance, which includes fuel delivery, lockout services, car battery, and flat tire repair. Additionally, members get to take advantage of trip booking services, insurance savings, and unique rewards and discounts at 124,000 retail partners.

As a whole CAA membership benefits are divided into three categories: Automotive Benefits; Insurance Benefits and Travel Benefits. 


Roadside Assistance: CAA provides 24/7 roadside assistance, such as towing, to individuals from Canada and the United States.

Battery Replacement and Testing Services: These sort of services comprises on-site testing, delivery, and installation.

Assistance with Rides and Bikes or Motorcycles: Members who aren’t able to drive their cars home due to medical conditions, visual problems, or other physical disabilities can take advantage of this CAA benefit and then use its transportation services.

Merchandise Discounts: Members can receive discounts on a wide range of CAA merchandise and goods that are available in all membership plans. Premier and Premier RV members get an extra 10% off, while the members of Plus RV and the Plus RV will get an extra 5% off.

CAA Rewards: Members of CAA Rewards can save a significant amount of cash and rack up CAA Dollars that can be used for membership renewals, trips, travel accessories, gift cards, and other expenses. 

Other than that, this CAA benefit also lets you make substantial savings in your normal day-to-day activities, like by letting you have access to offers and discounts at your preferred eateries, dining places, shops, hotels or lodges, entertainment venues, travel partners, and several more rewards partners.

Free Car Rental Service for Two Days: During their membership year, the CAA Members who would like to have a mode of transport while their car is in the shop are eligible to access two free days of automobile rental.

Car Lockout Service: If a CAA member has by chance left their keys in the car and cannot unlock it from the outside due to the automatic lock system, they can take help of the CAA Car Lockout Service benefit.  Depending on the level of membership, CAA will pay $50 to $100 in parts for any locksmith services necessary to unlock the car or restore its functionality.


Accident Insurance Coverage: Members of CAA receive free personal accident coverage protection. Based on the type of membership plan, members can raise their coverage limit by paying a small extra charge.

Special Discounts on Insurances: If you are a CAA member, you will receive special discounts on CAA insurance prices. As a result, members can take advantage of their CAA membership and receive discounts on a variety of insurance premiums, including home, travel, and other types.

Home and Property Insurance: Members can save an additional 10% on the cost of their house, condo, cottage, and tenant insurance by combining their home and property insurance and car insurance packages. The very fact that there is no maximum or minimum limitation on the number of discounts that members can combine when purchasing CAA property insurance is an extra perk. This implies that besides the discount offered by your CAA membership, you can also add additional forms of discounts to your property insurance prices, such as those for no claims, new homes, or no mortgage.

Coverage for Severe Medical Conditions: In the situation where a member is diagnosed with a severe medical condition that poses a serious risk to their life, the CAA Membership plans provide payment coverage.

Dental & Health Insurance Coverage: This policy enables CAA members to select the type and level of insurance that meets their specific requirements while offering cheap and effective insurance coverage for unforeseen medical bills.

Life Insurance Coverage: The different life insurance policies offered exclusively to CAA members by CAA include a wide range of beneficial features to safeguard the members and their nearest and dearest relatives or friends, both in present times and in the coming years.

Pets Plus Us Insurance Coverage: Pets Plus Us Insurance Coverage offers a special price of 12% off to CAA members. By selecting Pets Plus Us, the member will be able to provide their pet with the maximum possible coverage.

Autopac Services: All CAA Manitoba members can get their Autopac requirements taken care of at the Brandon and Winnipeg CAA Stores (a public auto insurance program accessible to all legal residents of Manitoba).


Travel Medical Insurance: There are several relatively affordable out-of-province medical travel insurance coverage policies offered by CAA. This benefit is a need for today’s modern travelers.

Returns on Vehicle & Trip Delay or Interference: This is another free perk for members where if they get involved in an accident well over 200 kilometers from their place of residence, it will cover the bills like lodging, meals, and other transportation requirements.

Access to Maps & Guides: CAA members have exclusive access to CAA TourBook, maps, guides, and the TripTiks trip planning tool.

Travel Deals: Special discounts on event tickets for members, the finest cruise deals guaranteed, and special member discounts at a specific group of hotels and car rental companies.

What are the types of membership plans offered by CAA? 

The main three types of membership plans offered by CAA include: 

  • The Basic/Classic Membership Plan – $72.00 annual fee. 
  • The Plus Membership Plan – $116.00 annual fee. 
  • The Premier Membership – $146.00 annual fee. 

All of these membership plans come with the popular CAA service features, such as roadside assistance, mobile battery service, flat tire service, lockout services, emergency fuel delivery, complete insurance, professional automobile advice, and travel perks and discounts.

Other than these, there are two other plans, the RV plans: 

  • The Plus RV Membership Plan – $186.00 annual fee.
  • The Premier RV Membership – $211.00 annual fee. 

The full form of RV is  “Recreational Vehicle”. These vehicles include Truck campers, motorhomes (under 3,000 kg), and Class A, B, or C motorhomes (over 3,000 kg).  

Truck Campers: Truck campers are the shortest RVs that can fit into a truck’s bed. The spare space can be used as a mini-home, which includes a bed, bathroom, and tiny kitchen. The terms and conditions of the CAA Plus RV and CAA Premier RV Membership packages allow members to access truck camper services anywhere in Canada.

Motorhomes (weighing less than 3,000 kg): This is an RV car weighing less than 3,000 kg that comes with housing accommodations such as a kitchen, beds, etc. Service for these sorts of RVs is also covered by the terms of the CAA Plus RV and CAA Premier RV Membership options, but only within the CAA SCO service areas. 

Class A, B, or C motorhomes (weighing more than 3,000 kg): The class A, B, or C motorhomes that weigh more than 3,000 kg are RVs that are furnished like dwelling vans, including towed camping trailers with beds, kitchens, and other amenities. The terms and conditions of the CAA Plus RV and CAA Premier RV Membership packages also include facilities for these RV motorhomes, but only inside the CAA SCO service areas.

The owners of CAA Plus RV and CAA Premier RV Memberships are eligible for RV Roadside Assistance.

The services provided in RV membership include: 

  • ANNUAL SERVICE CALLS: The number of service calls for CAA Plus RV annually is 4; for CAA Premier RV it is 5. 
  • Locksmithing service ($100 insurance).
  • Urgent, cost-inclusive delivery of gas.
  • Battery Maintenance. 
  • Lockout Assistance. 
  • Flat Tire Assistance.
  • Vehicle Extrication.
  • CAA Plus RV: Free towing up to 200 kilometers. 
  • CAA Premier RV: Up to 200 kilometers of free towing and one tow up to 320 km.

It is important to keep in mind that the parts must be removed frequently to ensure that towing is successfully carried out. The reinstallation of these parts is, however, not a feature of the service.

Can I use CAA membership in the United States? 

Yes, of course! In both Canada and the United States of America, your CAA membership will be able to provide roadside assistance service. Not only that, but around 32 more nations also recognize the CAA membership. The services offered depend on the level of membership and location.

How to get a free CAA membership?

You can easily obtain a free CAA membership by taking advantage of the offers and savings that the CAA Rewards program has to offer. 

You simply have to show your card to Rewards Partners whenever you travel or use it to purchase items at the CAA Rewards eStore. By doing so, the discounts start to add up quickly.

It will not take much time for you to recover the cost of your CAA membership, as it happens to be just $30 a year for a CAA Everyday Membership. The perks of this membership involve savings at more than 126,000 partner sites all over the globe, as well as discounts on fuel, travel, and insurance.

As a result, you should always remember to present your card to rewards partners. There are several opportunities to save money, whether you plan to go shopping on your next vacation, buy or sell property, go out with your friends or family to a movie theater, or take a trip.

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