How to get paid by AAA insurance after an accident

How to get paid by AAA Insurance after an accident?

Are you looking for a way to make an insurance claim with the help of AAA? Then it will certainly be necessary for you to observe certain useful recommendations following any first automobile accident, be it a severe collision or a tiny fender bender. 

With the help of this comprehensive article, we are presenting to you, you will discover the working procedure of all these. So, let’s dive in!

What is AAA Insurance? (Overview)

If you are an individual dwelling somewhere in the United States or Canada, you could already be acquainted with AAA as a roadside help provider. 

However, it is quite possible that you might not have been aware that you can also acquire AAA auto insurance. 

According to the reviews and feedback of the AAA insurance policy, the little roadside assistance price could be worthwhile indeed to safeguard your car with a car insurance policy.

All the members of the AAA auto insurance will be able to receive a positive experience and can avail several special benefits.

As AAA is made up of several different auto insurance businesses and groupings, checking in at only one will not really give the required information. Three of AAA’s main auto insurance groupings were among the top 25 firms by insurance premiums issued in 2018, according to the NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners). 

The details are as follows:

  • $3.4B in premiums written by Auto Club Enterprises Insurance Group,
  • $3B in premiums written by CSAA Insurance Group.
  • $2B in premiums written by MI Group Automobile Club.

As per the NAIC, when you combine these three altogether, the overall sum of insurance premiums issued exceeds significant competitors such as Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and affiliated companies (in short, Nationwide).

The insurance provider obtained an excellent grade from the U.S. credit rating agency, called AM Best, for its financial soundness across all of its many companies and groupings, indicating that when it ultimately boils down to it, AAA is really likely to successfully pay out insurance claims.

What is provided in the Auto Insurance Coverage?

AAA auto insurance is provided to AAA members, and becoming a member is inexpensive as it costs between $50 and $100 annually.

In accordance with other major insurance firms today, the AAA supplier provides complete coverage for automobiles. The most common coverages are available from all AAA insurance firms, and they include:

Liability for bodily injury: AAA mandates bodily injury liability coverage, which pays for the cost of injuries to a third party if you are at fault in a traffic collision. This is typically required before you can lawfully drive. So, if in any circumstance you are at fault in an accident, it covers funeral costs, lost wages, and other people’s medical expenditures.

Liability for property damage: When you are at fault for an accident or traffic collision, property damage liability coverage of AAA will pay for the repair or property damage of another third-party driver’s car or other forms of property. 

Collision Coverage: Regardless of who is to blame for the traffic-related accident, the AAA collision coverage insurance policy will compensate you for repair or replacement costs incurred from damage done to your car or other vehicle as a result of an accident. If you loan your vehicle, collision insurance will almost certainly be required by your lender. 

Personal injury protection (PIP) or Medical expense coverage: When you and your passengers have been injured as a result of a car accident in a traffic collision, regardless of who is to blame, this policy will assist in covering the expense of basic healthcare. Other than paying for the hospital and medical expenses incurred as a result of the accident, the policy will also cover funeral expenses, child care, income replacement, and lost opportunity services.

Underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage: This AAA coverage reimburses you for healthcare and car repair expenses in circumstances when you and your passengers are injured in an accident caused by a driver who doesn’t possess any sort of insurance or have a coverage that is sufficient enough. This policy is required in many regions when the at-fault party either does not have insurance or has insufficient insurance. This insurance will pay your medical bills and property damage.

Comprehensive insurance coverage: The comprehensive coverage pays for repairs or replacement of your car if it is stolen or suffers damage that is not the result of an accident. It protects your car from non-collision damage as well as damage caused by extreme weather conditions, animal collisions, theft, and vandalism, which are all examples of situations beyond your control. This is basically those incidents that are deemed out of your or the driver’s control, and comprehensive coverage compensates for damage to your car as a result of these events.

Other than all of these, there are several notable vehicle insurance coverages and advantages that are only available in certain localities. There could be an extra charge for them to be included as part of the standard policy or purchased separately. Such policies include:

Gap Insurance: If your car is damaged or thieved, gap insurance pays the difference between the car’s real cash value or worth and the amount of its mortgage or rental. The coverage makes up the difference between the recoverable cost of your automobile and the money you owe on your rental or mortgage if your car is damaged.

Rental Reimbursement Coverage: This AAA rental car reimbursement coverage protects you by paying for a borrowed automobile when it has suffered serious damage and is being repaired following an accident. You can also utilize ridesharing credit rather than just a rental vehicle with some providers.

Rental Car Insurance Coverage: While the rental car reimbursement coverage covers you when your car is being repaired, this rental car insurance coverage will cover you while you are driving a rental car.

New car coverage: When replacing a damaged car after an occurrence, new car coverage compensates for the depreciation value. If your own vehicle is stolen, this policy provides a new vehicle substitute that can cover the cost of a vehicle that is one to two years old and relatively new.

Non-Owners Insurance Coverage: This AAA coverage offers liability coverage for those who do not own automobiles but really do travel occasionally.

Pet Insurance Coverage: When your pet animal is hurt in a car accident, this AAA pet insurance coverage pays for its healthcare.

Accident Forgiveness Insurance Coverage: If you are normally a careful driver, the AAA accident forgiveness insurance coverage prevents an accident from raising your insurance premium.

OEM Insurance Coverage: OEM (original equipment manufacturer) components or equipment are authorized for approved external body repairs under this AAA exterior insurance repair coverage.

Customized equipment coverage: When you are in a recognized accident, this AAA coverage pays to replace items you placed after buying them, such as wheels, rims, cams, stereo systems, etc.

Rideshare Insurance: This policy pays you during the time between rides, ensuring that you are always protected while working as a rideshare driver. However, just like many other ride sharing business firms’ standard insurance, this AAA coverage will also only cover the time between receiving a ride and having to drop off a passenger.

Are there any AAA auto insurance discounts?

Like rival companies, AAA provides clients with a number of choices for lowering their insurance prices. Members can even save an estimated $450+ approx., through these discounts: 

Occupation & Educational Discount: You may be able to save money depending on your occupation and educational level.

Anti-Theft Tool Discount: Some who have authorized theft protection and restoration tools are eligible for discounts.

Safe Driver Discount: If you drive safely, you could be able to save money on your insurance costs.

Pay-in-Full Discount: Instead of paying monthly, if you pay the full amount, you can save money.

Multi-car Discount: For those who have two or more eligible automobiles on their insurance policy, you can also save money.

Multi-product Discount: You can save more money if you combine your policy with your life insurance or housing insurance.

How to file an AAA insurance claim?

So now comes the main question – how to file an AAA insurance claim at all? Here are the various procedures to file an AAA insurance claim:

Call the AAA Insurance Provider

The first obvious thing you must do is to check if you are already insured and when you have to file a legal claim. Inquire about the requirement for pricing figures for any maintenance or repairs. Members with AAA Insurance can begin the claims procedure by contacting this number: 800-922-8228.

Fill out the AAA insurance claim paperwork

Include any paperwork, forms, or documentation requested by your AAA insurer. Such paperwork could include a police statement report. You will need to produce a death certificate if you are pursuing a life insurance claim.

Contact Local Law Enforcement: 

If your house has been damaged or thieved, or if you have been involved in a traffic collision and the police have not yet taken your complaint, contact the local law enforcement departments.

Many states also mandate that you submit accident reports that result in injury or substantial property damage.

Report the details of the Car Collision:

You should include the details of the day, date, time, and various other necessary details of the incident, as well as the other driver’s name, address, contact number, and details of their car, such as the license plate number. Also, take snap photographs of whatever injury you encountered once it is appropriate to do so.

Document the Incurred Expenses:

You must document any costs incurred from your accident, like healthcare costs. If your house has been vandalized, expect a visit from an insurance claims adjuster. Make a list of the items that have been robbed or harmed and then be prepared to take the insurer on a tour of the house.

Clear Out Every Detail with Your Insurer

Your AAA insurance claims agent will discuss the entire procedure and address any concerns you might have. This will also include queries such as the exam day, date or time your insurance claim is supposed to be reimbursed and also if at all your insurance will pay for travel expenditures like a rental car or other vehicle while your own automobile is being fixed.

What is the procedure for filing an AAA insurance claim?

The following is how the AAA insurance claims procedure works:

  • First an insurance claims adjuster will examine your complaint to ensure that your losses are compensated by your coverage.
  • If your complaint is granted, the adjuster will estimate how much you owe and send you a check. 

You must also bear in mind that the first payment could possibly just be an installment, i.e., a fraction of the actual money owing to you and so in such a case you might get more.

Will having a lawyer by your side assist in any way during the AAA Auto Insurance Claim process?

Yes, definitely! Having a professional attorney or lawyer on your side during the process of claiming your AAA auto insurance will certainly be a smart thing to do. 

A highly skilled attorney or lawyer will be able to safeguard your interests and assets while also assisting you in negotiating a rational, logical, and sensible payment for the damages or losses you have encountered. 

If the AAA refuses to compromise, you could explore your possible legal rights, including verifying that you lodged your complaint within the specified time limitation period as well as launching a lawsuit. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does it seem like AAA insurance is reasonably priced?

Yes. AAA’s auto insurance costs are identical to those of rival insurance companies. Such companies include the Progressive Corporation, State Farm Insurance, and the Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO). Also, you must keep in mind that there are several distinct AAA auto clubs across the country, each with their own insurance company.

Is AAA a provider of homeowner’s insurance?

Yes. AAA offers homeowner’s insurance in many of the same locations where it offers auto coverage insurance. However, this house insurance is not quite as easily obtainable or as comprehensive as its auto coverage insurance.

Does it seem like AAA is a reputable insurance provider?

AAA is a reliable insurance provider, particularly for auto insurance. Nonetheless, in order to participate, you must first purchase an AAA membership, so take that into consideration before purchasing an insurance policy.

Is it necessary for an individual to be a member of AAA in order to purchase insurance?

Yes. To purchase automobile or home insurance coverage via AAA, you must be a member.

Final Words

Coverage, cost, and discount accessibility, qualifications, and amounts can differ from state to state, but there can be coverage and discounts not mentioned above. 

Other terms, conditions, and restrictions could apply, and total savings can fluctuate widely depending on the coverage bought. 

It is hereby requested to contact your nearest AAA representative for further details on your eligibility for various coverages, discounts, and savings options by either of the following ways: 

  • By ontacting their official number 1-866-MEMBERS (1-866-636-2377).
  • Visiting the official 
  • Downloading the official AAA mobile app either from the App Store or Play Store. 
  • Receiving a link for the app by sending “AAA10” message to the number 86792.

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