How to renew AAA membership

How to Renew AAA Membership (Online and Offline)

Is it almost time to renew your AAA membership? Then definitely renew it as soon as possible!  Why wait for something unforeseen to happen? 

By renewing your AAA membership immediately, you will be able to legally keep receiving the coverage and other benefits it provides, such as being covered as a driver or passenger in any automobile, in any given location and at any required time.

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Not just that, you can also get discounts at your favorite restaurants and businesses, as well as travel savings, weather alerts, identity theft protection, and so much much more.

Whether you are new with AAA or you have been a member for a longer period, we want to put more effort to confirm that you are able to get the most out of your membership. Therefore, we are presenting to you this compiled article where you can get to know every minute detail in regards to renewing your AAA membership!

This article gives you an idea about different AAA membership options and relevant details. You will understand how to apply for or renew your AAA membership. You can do this offline or online. You may also be relieved that there is an auto-renew option available!

Types of AAA membership

The American Automobile Association has a three-tiered membership system. Whether you are driving or riding as a passenger, your membership subscription will always assist you. It covers anyone in your household who has been identified as a member’s acquaintance.

AAA Classic Membership: With an annual cost of around $52–$74, this membership type gives the following roadside assistance services: For every additional member, it only costs $25 a month at the low end and $48 at the high end.

  • Yearly four tows of 3 to 7 miles are provided.
  • Flat tire, and dead battery services are all available.
  • Fuel delivery is free. However, you have to pay for the fuel price as per the service station charges.
  • Car lockout services are available for up to $50.
  • You are allowed upto four tows every year. These can’t be carried over to the next membership year.
  • Only one service vehicle and operator will be provided for extrication of your vehicle.
  • You can get optional RV/ Motorcycle Roadside Assistance. It costs an additional $41 annually for one household. You will be allowed four extra service calls in one year dedicated to RV or Motorcycle tows. This plan covers extrication, winching, and tire changes. You are covered up to $500 for each service call. The ceiling is $1000 per household.
  • Rental cars at discounted rates.
  • DMV Transactions are included.
  • You get a free identity theft protection plan. Free benefits include Email alerts and daily credit monitoring. You will get assistance if you lost our wallet. You also get fraud resolution support.

AAA Plus Membership: This costs around $85 to $124 a year and includes everything that the Classic membership does, plus the following additional benefits:

  • Each of the four tows can travel a maximum distance of 100 miles.
  • Fuel is delivered for free.
  • The lockout limitation has been increased to $100 for this membership.
  • Passport photographs are available for free.
  • Two service vehicles and operators will be provided for extrication of your vehicle. Keep in mind that extrication service doesn’t cover extrication of snowbound or flooded vehicles.
  • Rental cars at discounted rates. You will be provided 1 car class promotion.

 For every additional member, it only costs $34 a month at the low end and $80 at the high end

AAA Premier Membership: This membership category is similar to Plus membership, with an annual charge of $118-$170 with the following additional benefits:

  • Three tows of 100 miles each and one tow of 200 miles.
  • Free rental car for a single day with towing. This is a mid size rental car.
  • Identity theft coverage of $10,000 is available. 
  • Lockout compensation of $150 for a car or home.
  • Approximately $1,500 in trip disruption coverage is available.

 For every additional member, it only costs $45 a month at the low end and $109 at the high end.

Drivers who might benefit

You will benefit from a AAA membership if you resonate with the following situations:

  • Your financial status makes it difficult to pay for roadside services.
  • You can not shell out money for an out-of-pocket cost all at once. Thus, you may be more comfortable paying a monthly membership price.
  • You are constantly on the road.
  • You tend to drive long distances.

These are just a few of the many advantages of becoming a member of AAA. Depending on your location, extra services such as auto loans, driving lessons, and car-buying services will also be available.

AAA members also get additional car-related benefits based on their location. For example, a Texas AAA membership comes with the following perks:

  • A free 40-point inspection or discounted 86-point inspection at an AAA-approved repair facility.
  • Discounted Carfax report.
  • Free online vehicle pricing report

With AAA you are automatically enrolled in the free loyalty program. You can earn AAA dollars that are helpful in many ways. You can use it on specific AAA purchases such as applying for your annual membership renewal. You can also redeem them to get cashback.

You can earn AAA dollars when transacting through AAA or AAA’s partners. It includes purchasing attraction tickets, and merchant gift cards, buying at participating partner locations, and shopping through  AAA Dollars Online Mall on the website or Mobile app. You can also redeem these dollars when gifting a membership, adding an associate member, upgrading your membership, or purchasing brand merchandise.

Participating brands include renowned names like Walmart, Apple, Target, Kohl’s, QVC, Macy’s, and many more. You can also add the AAA Discounts Web extension to your browser. You will receive alerts on AAA dollar offers when shopping and searching online. Note that any Online Mall transactions will be visible on your accounts after 1-7 days of delivery.

To view AAA dollars you can sign in at There will be View your AAA dollars option in Discounts and Rewards. You can view pending and earned amounts after 30 days of getting them. 

Also, AAA membership offers a variety of discounts and perks as well. The following are some of the most popular discounts and perks:

  • Carrier service for mobile phones varies.
  • Services at places like Napa Auto Parts, LensCrafters, Penske Truck Rental and The UPS Store.
  • Rental cars and moving trucks are 20% or more off.
  • Electronics from a few select vendors are up to 35% off. This includes the likes of Dell, HP,Samsung and T-Mobile.
  • Services such as movie tickets, dining, and flower delivery are available.
  • Amusement parks, museums, and other forms of amusement are available.
  • Prescriptions and vision care are two things that come to mind when it comes to prescriptions.
  • Save on hotels around the world. AAA has preferred hotel partners, like The Best Western Hotels & Resorts, Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott, and MGM Resorts International. You can search the hotel-specific websites of AAA to find deals on international stays. You must note that you might not be able to have a combo of AAA offers and other offers.

Some of these perks are available in the higher-tiered plans and particular locations only. For example:

  • A free personal notary service.
  • Discount on passport photos.
  • Discount on international AAA maps.
  • 24-hour travel assistance on eligible trips.
  • Credit toward home locksmith services

How to Renew AAA membership Online

If you are convinced to get or renew your AAA membership, visit the AAA website. Use your ZIP code to determine which auto club covers your location. That auto club will clarify available options and rates for services such as roadside assistance and insurance coverage.

AAA membership lasts for a year, so you must pay your annual subscription on schedule to keep receiving all of the benefits of AAA membership. This renewal can be done both online and offline. 

Simply log in to your AAA account at:  and pay securely with your credit card to renew your membership online.

You can also manage your account, update your information, register household family members, upgrade your AAA membership to a more comprehensive membership category, give a gift membership, update your payment information, and a variety of other things that are available.

Other than this, you can also renew AAA membership without logging in by going online. 

You will need to simple go here:  and then enter the following details:

  • 16-digit Membership Number. 
  • Home Zip Code
  • Your surname/last name

It will enable you to renew your current plan without logging into your account. Enter all other details asked after entering the details above. Pay using any of the options available. Credit cards, Debit cards, Net Banking, and particular wallets are all valid options. Thus you can renew your current plan.

How to Renew membership with mobile

You can also renew AAA membership on your mobile with the help of the AAA mobile app. Here are the steps:

  • Go to the App Store on your iPhone or Play Store on Android to download the AAA App. 
  • Once you have completed the download, open the AAA App. 
  • Log into your AAA account by entering your user Id and password.
  • After you have logged in, click on the “More” icon with a ‘+’ sign at the right hand side corner of your screen. 
  • Look for the “Membership” option, which will be second from the top. 
  • Tap on the “Membership” option. 
  • After that, tap on the “Renew Membership” option. 
  • Select the AAA membership level you want to renew – Classic, Plus, or Premier. 
  • The price will change accordingly based on the level you select. 
  • Enter your payment information and make other changes as per requirements. 
  • After completing everything, tap on the “confirm” button at the very end. 

Here’s a video to guide you with renewal of your membership in AAA Mobile App:

How to renew AAA Membership offline

There are two ways to renew AAA membership offline:

  • You can visit your nearby local AAA office or club. 
  • Call on the official Membership Service Center at 800-922-8228.

Does AAA membership auto renew

Yes, AAA membership definitely can auto renew! 

You will never have to worry about your AAA membership expiring again with automatic renewal. This automatic renewal of AAA membership charges your debit or credit card for your annual membership dues. You will get a letter in the mail as your renewal date approaches, validating your renewal. 

You can also register for automatic renewal with a special single-time savings of $10 off your yearly membership dues to ensure you never by chance forget, skip, or miss a day of coverage. 

However, members must contact 855-772-5551 to obtain this one-time Auto Renewal $10 auto-renewal discount.

In case you do not want to take advantage of the discount, you can enroll as follows:

Is the AAA membership an annual fee

Yes, AAA offers three basic membership options, with an annual fee varying from $56 to $119. You can also choose to pay in monthly installments.

Although the benefits vary, all memberships include: 

  • DMV or MVD services.
  • Emergency roadside assistance
  • Trip planning by travel specialists. 
  • Discounts at a variety of hotels, restaurants, movie theaters, and other locations.

Does AAA charge a late fee

No, AAA does not charge a late fee, or in other words, have a grace period for late payment. 

However, if a grace period for late payment, mandated by state law, is already in place, members can pay their past-due premiums within a specified term to prevent a coverage suspension. 

If the grace period expires without the required payment, AAA will terminate the coverage.This implies that, If your car is from AAA, continuing to drive your car will become unlawful. Also, depending on your state, this could result in heavy penalties, fines, and perhaps even license suspension.

However if you only had the membership from AAA and did not had any other association, then you can keep continuing driving your car.

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Is there a grace period with AAA

Yes, based on the state,AAA provides a grace period of certain days with a maximum of 30 days to renew your membership before they terminate it permanently.

Tip: Don’t worry they will call and inform you through mail several times before terminating your membership

How soon can you use the AAA membership after buying

The perks of AAA Basic or Classic Membership are instantly available to members who buy and register. Plus, Premier, and RV/Motorcycle services are activated seven days following purchase or registration.

AAA Plus and AAA Premier Members can enjoy their benefits for seven days after payment is received.

All of the AAA Classic and AAA Plus advantages, as well as the AAA Premier perks, are available to AAA Premier members. 

After payment is processed, any new AAA membership or added partners are limited to just a 48-hour waiting time. The advantages of the new or upgraded memberships, as well as new partners, such as AAA Roadside Assistance Support, are only accessible to the members when the waiting time is over. 

Issues involving safety will always be treated with the utmost care and, in such extraordinary circumstances, the members will be able to bypass, decline or terminate the waiting period policy.

Once payment has been received for extra AAA Emergency Road Service features at the Plus and Premier levels, any membership account modification concerning upgraded AAA Memberships or added associates is subject to a waiting period of ten days. During this time, members would be able to keep their classic membership advantages.

It is also worth noting that irrespective of when you enroll or upgrade, pre-existing breakdowns are limited to AAA Basic roadside assistance coverage.

Since AAA emergency road service requires a waiting time, members can take advantage of certain perks right away. Do not, however, forget to look into AAA savings, discounts, and special vacation planning, as well as sign up for the identity theft protection program.

Final Words

To conclude, AAA membership offers tremendous value in enrolling at any membership level. The principal services that AAA offers are towing, fuel service, flat tire service, Dead Battery services, Car lockout services, and extrication services. Due to the professionalism and quality offered by AAA, these services themself across the three membership levels are worth the money you pay. Additionally, you receive a lot of perks thoughtfully crafted by AAA that offer tremendous savings to you. 

If you travel frequently AAA is a necessity. AAA also offers life-saving services if you feel a significant dent in your pocket in availing roadside services due to your financial citation. Also, a monthly membership price is much more convenient than paying for an out-of-pocket cost at once.

Renewing your account either online or offline is a hassle-free experience. If renewing online, signing into your account via the AAA website provides you access to all renewal options and other AAA payments you’d like to avail. The payment gateway accepts all kinds of online payment options. You can also use the AAA app on mobile to do the same.

You can visit the nearest AAA office to perform these operations offline. You might be relieved to know that AAA also offers an auto-renew option.

AAA doesn’t charge a late fee if you’ve forgotten to renew. It also offers no grace periods unless regulated by state law.

Any individual driving America’s highways will benefit from a AAA membership. The membership accompanies you each mile, whether you’re a parent driving local roads to school, shops, and sports events, vacation tourists traveling to another wonderful destination, or pensioners exploring the state from border to border. 

Have you considered switching your membership to a different roadside assistance company: Check out the comparison here.

So, renew your AAA membership today and take advantage of all that a AAA membership has to offer! For any doubts or queries:

  • Go to the official site of AAA at 
  • Call on 1-866-MEMBERS (1-866-636-2377). 
  • Download the official AAA mobile app either from the App Store or Play Store, or get a link for the app by sending “AAA10” message to the number 86792. 

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