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The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) is the largest organization in Canada dedicated to providing safe and convenient transportation for Canadians. The CAA is a not-for-profit, membership organization that provides services such as roadside assistance, vehicle insurance, and motor vehicle financing. The CAA also advocates on behalf of Canadians and their driving habits, and educates the public on the benefits of safe driving and the dangers of impaired driving. Introduction to the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA). 

Here are a few things covered by CAA membership that you probably weren’t aware of.

Aid with Riding a Bike

You’re about to fall even more in love with the summer if you enjoy riding your bicycle on trips.

If you have any problems while riding your bike as a CAA member, we have you covered with bike help, which is roadside support for your bicycle.

If your bike breaks down, whether it’s leaving you stranded with a flat tyre or leaving you feeling powerless due to a broken chain, give us a call and we’ll transport you and your bike to where you need to go.

A CAA membership also entitles its holders to ride assistance in addition to bike assistance.

Members who are unable to drive their cars home due to medical conditions, visual problems, or other physical limitations may take advantage of this benefit and use CAA’s transportation services.

Safety in any type of vehicle

One of the most underappreciated advantages of membership is arguably the fact that a CAA membership follows you rather than a specific car.

This advantage ensures that you are always covered and have access to roadside help, no matter whether you are driving your own car or someone else’s.

All you need to get started is your CAA membership card or mobile app (more on that later).

This feature is especially helpful if you’re using a rented car while travelling.Your membership will be sufficient, so you won’t need to spend additional money on roadside help.

Special discounts on insurance

You’ll be glad to know that as a member of CAA, you may take advantage of special discounts on CAA insurance premiums.

As a result, you can use your CAA membership to save money on any of our insurance products, including home, travel, and other types.

Additionally, you can combine your home and vehicle insurance policies to save an additional 10% on your house insurance rate.Additionally, you can combine your home and vehicle insurance policies to save an additional 10% on your house insurance rate.

The fact that there is no upper limit or maximum limitation on the amount of discounts that members can combine with one another when purchasing CAA house insurance is an additional benefit.

This means that in addition to the discount offered by your CAA membership, you can also add additional forms of discounts to your house insurance price, such as those for no claims, new homes, or no mortgage.

Special offers on travel

Similar to insurance, travel also provides CAA members with the chance to benefit from special savings. Additionally, membership entitles you to the greatest deal on a trip or holiday.

Your membership gives you access to benefits like 24/7 travel help for time-consuming activities like changing your hotel or flight reservations, as well as the best discounts on all of your travel reservations made through CAA Vacations.

You will have complete piece of mind knowing that a personal travel adviser is constantly at your disposal, and you won’t ever have to worry about things going wrong while on vacation again.

You can save money on a variety of travel-related services by being a CAA member.

CAA Rewards

Although we’ve already discussed things like roadside help, bike assistance, and discounts on insurance and travel, CAA Rewards® is an equally important component of the CAA universe.

Members of CAA Rewards® can save a lot of money and accumulate CAA Dollars®, which can be used to pay for membership renewals, trips, travel-related goods, gift cards, and other expenses.

The best thing about this advantage is that it lets you make significant savings while going about your daily business.

This includes having access to offers and discounts at your preferred shops, dining establishments, lodging establishments, entertainment venues, travel partners, and several more rewards partners.

Personal Accident Protection

In general, people dislike discussing potential fatalities or injuries from auto accidents. We won’t broach the subject frequently since we recognise how unpleasant it is. We do want to draw attention to the fact that many members may not be aware that CAA offers free personal accident insurance coverage because of this, though.

Depending on the type of membership plan you have, your coverage limit may vary. Additionally, you have the choice to raise your coverage limit by paying a small addition to your membership cost.

Assistance with Trip Accidents & Interruptions

Vehicles 10 years old and older are twice as likely to become stranded on the side of the road as newer vehicles, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA).

But there are other problems that could arise while using older vehicles. These same vehicles are “four times more likely to suffer a problem significant enough to require a tow to a repair facility,” according to additional research by AAA.

While you may certainly call for a tow using your CAA membership, most members might be unaware that CAA also provides trip accident and interruption support.

If your car is immobilised for 24 hours or longer and you are 160 kilometres or more from home, you may be eligible for compensation to assist cover certain out-of-pocket costs under this benefit.

These include, among other things, dining out, lodging, and transportation services like renting a car to bring you home or to your destination.

Vehicle return benefit

Even while this perk may only be available to CAA Premier plan members, it is still quite beneficial. It states that you can qualify for CAA’s vehicle return benefit if you suffer an unplanned illness or injury that stops you from finishing your trip.

Members are eligible for up to $500 in reimbursement for the cost of driving their automobiles back to their principal residence upon presentation of verified documentation of illness or injury from a qualified medical facility or practitioner.

Complimentary two-day vehicle rental

Finally, don’t worry if you find yourself in the terrible position of being trapped without a car because yours was towed away. Without one, we won’t let you go anywhere.

Two free days of car rental are included as part of CAA’s Premier membership plan for members during the membership year.

Even though there might be a few limitations, this perk is unquestionably a gift from above for members who would want to have a mode of transportation while their car is being repaired.

Nevertheless, it’s as crucial to keep track of the things that Membership does not cover, such as:

  • Servicing a vehicle that is already being repaired
  • Servicing competing automobiles at races or drag races
  • Service to loaded or modified vehicles if performance of the service is unsafe and could endanger the load or cause damage to the vehicle
  • Service to unattended vehicles must have prior CAA authorization.
  • When it comes to accident towing, an insurance company’s policy takes precedence over CAA service
  • Service for towing to a salvage yard
  • Service mandated by the police due to a legal violation or failed safety inspection
  • Services and expenses related to infringements of the law or failed safety inspections
  • Unlicensed, unregistered, or sporting expired plate stickers
  • Second or additional travels, or journeys made by service personnel from one location to another during a single call
  • Service to vehicles driven into areas that aren’t typically travelled, like open fields, beaches, private logging roads, river banks, floodways, muddy or “ploughed in” or “snowbound” streets, filled driveways or alleys (service personnel won’t shovel snow), construction sites, or other places that can’t be reached safely.
  • Delivery service – CAA does not offer taxi service, but upon your request and with your consent and at an extra expense, CAA will make transportation arrangements for you to or from the disabled vehicle.
  • Reimbursement for costs incurred as a result of a mechanical failure, such as lost pay, additional travel, lodging, etc.
  • School bus, cube van, taxi, limo, dump truck, or cargo truck service
  • Unattended towing to a dealer for standard auto repairs
  • Basic motorcycle membership services
  • Refund on promo card for services other than CAA
  • “Recharging” a battery
  • Transferring an RV within a trailer park or moving an RV for winter storage
  • Parts, labour, or repair costs
  • Any fees associated with impoundment and storage are the member’s responsibility.
  • Transporting animals safely. Before we can service a vehicle, members must unload the animals for the animals’ protection.

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